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Skylight specialist program

The skylight specialist program was developed by VELUX as an opportunity to partner with installers and help provide the end user with the best experience possible, from product to service.

Take a moment to learn about the program, we think you'll agree, VELUX is looking to partner with the right people.


VELUX provides free hands-on, DVD, and online training for skylight specialists. We want you to be the expert when installing all VELUX product lines.

Business support
VELUX has the only national sales team in skylights. This team of over 70 people provides support in the form of joint sales calls, sales leads and local relationships. In addition, VELUX provides business and Marketing support for your business.

Earn money to use towards growing your business, just by using quality VELUX products.

Advertising materials
Be a part of the VELUX national ad campaign with ads, created by national advertising agencies and customized to your business.

Marketing materials
Door hangers, post cards, yard signs, etc, all customized to your business needs with one goal in mind, to help grow your business.

And much, much more!