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Deck mounted skylight

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VELUX deck mounted skylights, our best and most versatile skylights combine an insulated glass lens, a pre-finished white wood frame and protective aluminum or copper cladding into one unit that is mounted directly to the roof deck. Flashing kits are available for most roofing materials. Blinds, controls and other accessories are also available.

This series comes with the industry’s best 10 No Leak Warranty in addition to our 20/10/5 Product Warranty. See our warranty brochure for more information.

No leak VSS No leak deck mounted VS No leak FS
Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights (VSS)
Solar powered skylight that is powered by a solar panel.
Manual venting skylights (VS)
Deck mounted skylight that opens with manual controls.
Fixed skylights (FS)
Deck mounted skylight with an outside view, but no fresh air.
No leak VSE
Electric venting skylights (VSE)
Deck mounted skylight that opens with the touch of a button.