FCM skylight Replace old plastic bubbles with the VELUX FCM skylight.  This will increase your profit as well as your job quality!
  1. Fast installation with value-added products
    The average 2' x 4' curb mount replacement generally takes less than 30 minutes.

  2. Why leave a 5 year skylight on a 20 year roof?
    Don't let a plastic bubble discredit the quality of your work. VELUX glass skylights are much more durable, more energy efficient, and more visually appealing than plastic bubbles.

  3. Provide your customers with a clear view to the world without excessive heat gain
    The Model FCM curb mounted skylight is impact resistant and will not deteriorate over time. In addition, you may save homeowners up to $200 in cooling costs in just one year, a savings they are sure to appreciate.