The information below is exactly what active adults want…lots of light, differentiation, space that connects with them emotionally, options that appeal to them, and value. VELUX skylights, roof windows and SUN TUNNEL™ skylights can help you deliver in all of these areas. These facts come directly from the NAHB.  

Unique character, not cookie cutter design
The active adult wants a house that is different, unique. How do you achieve this within your production style of building? Obviously, the best way to achieve this is to make the interior unique and dramatic.

Abundance of light
We know from current research that we need more light as we age. Balanced light without glare is the solution needed for active adults. Light from above balances the light and provides privacy. With the use of skylights, the added benefit of ventilation can be added as well.

Flexible, well designed housing
Active adults want well designed housing. This means that they want efficiently designed space, not just more space. Remember, they want a maintenance-free lifestyle. They also want to see building plans with flexible space offered by the builder, which would include appropriate space to continue their career or post-retirement activities.

Special rooms
There are two rooms that are especially important to the active adult. As described by one active adult, the kitchen should be the "heart of the home" while the bath should act as a "sanctuary." Light from above can provide the drama, warmth and privacy needed to transform these two important spaces.

Homes pre-wired for cutting edge technology
As part of their maintenance-free lifestyle, active adults want their homes pre-wired so that they can enjoy the latest technologies. Today we can offer you remote controlled skylights that bring potential home buyers the best of all worlds. Light, ventilation, and technology.

Source: NAHB - Profile of the New Active Adult Buyer, 2003